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My two younger 1/2 brothers, Felix & Willy.

Felix, Me & Willy, Vancouver - Oct. 98

My Biological Family

On November 6, 1996, the Provincial Government of British Columbia allowed adoptees access to their original birth registration and adoption records. Once I received the information, I was quickly and easily able to locate members of my biological family. In February 1997 I met my Aunt Julie with her daughter (my cousin), Cecile and her daughter. In June 1997 I travelled to Watson Lake in the Yukon to meet my older half sister Yvette, her husband and two youngest children. On that same trip I met Yvette's two older daughters by travelling to Fort St. John. On October 18th, 1998 I met my two younger half brothers, Felix and Willy in Vancouver, BC.

Me (6 mo. pregnant) with my older 1/2 sister Yvette in Quartz Creek, BC, June 1997

More Biological Family: