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From Athens I took a subway to Pireus, a quiet little village on the coast and spent the day photographing and relaxing in the sunshine. I had most of the day to wait for the ferry that would take me to Santorini and there was some question that the ferry would even be leaving as scheduled. In the end, after some delay we left in the late afternoon for our destination. The movie playing on the ferry was "Rainman" which was in english with greek subtitles. There was not much in the way of ferry food on board...cookies, pop, juice and candy. That was about it.

I arrived on the Island of Santorini around 5-6 AM and was greeted by hotel "hawkers" trying to convince me to come to their hotel. I took a ride with someone from the Hotel Star and ended up in a village called Megalochori which is about a 20 minute bus ride away from Thira, one of the larger cities on the island. It was a newer modern hotel and although not the location I was looking for I decided to stay for several nights because it was quiet and peaceful, clean and the family was very nice. I enjoyed my stay on Santorini very much. Found a wonderful little place for breakfast in Thira that cooked my eggs just perfectly. I could get 2 eggs, toast and fresh squeezed orange juice for around $3.00. I booked a couple of tours to see the island. One was to a winery, one around the southeast part of the island where I saw some beaches and an old minoan city that has been excavated. I took a boat tour to Nea Kameni, an extinct volcano.

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