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I walked around the Village of Ierapetra and found this beautiful little street. An old women stood in her doorway staring at me with a scornful look on her face as if to say...another Tourist! I said good morning to her in my best greek and her face broke into a big smile and she said good morning back to me. Perhaps she had not met too many tourists who would make the effort to learn a few greek words.

A photo of me taken by Sandi in Kritsa...starting to look quite tanned.

I took the bus to Kritsa, near Aghios Nikolaus and ran into a girl I had met the evening before at the restaurant I had been frequenting for dinner. Her name was Sandi and she was from England. We were walking the village streets in Kritsa looking for lace. Kritsa is very well known for handmade lace. A woman beckoned us onto her sundeck as she saw my camera and this is the view we found.

A little sidestreet in Kritsa

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