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Back to Kasual Kat's Start Page:
Hubby's web pages: Pictures of our daughter, Julianna, mostly taken by me.
Mickey D's Photography Chat Room: A Friendly Photography Chat Room
Village of Gold River, BC, Canada: Check out the Gallery...You will find three of my photos there: King's Peak, Lady Falls and Lupin Falls.
Awesome Cookie Recipe's: Did someone say COOKIE????
The Record: (This is the paper I write for) On-Line news from Nootka Sound & Canada's West Coast. An independent, progressive regional publication.
Foto Forum: Interesting site for photographers
Ron's home pages (another Shutterbug Pal):
Marg's Pages (Another Shutterbug chat-pal): Wonderful Hand-coloured Images by Marg.
Marty's Home Pages - (yet another Shutterbug chat-pal): Look for him in the Friends in Photography Chat (Luke)
TimP's Web pages: Awesome portraits (look for him in the Friends in Photography Chat too!). He's the guy wearing the lampshade on his head!
Guppy's Home Pages: A bubbly chat-pal into mountain and wedding photography.
Harbour City Photography Club - Nanaimo, BC: Information about the awesome photo club I used to belong to
f-32's home pages - a shutterbug pal: Check out the Mammoth Springs photo - Awesome!
Glenn & Della Fulton: I met the Fultons on a Photo workshop in the Canadian Rockies a few years back. Have a look at their home page
My Mom and Dad's Home Page: Lots of stuff about their sailboat adventures.

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