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Orton Imagery

Orton Imagery is a technique perfected by my friend Michael Orton. This technique consists of taking two slides, one in focus, one out of focus with varying exposures and sandwiching them together. The results can vary depending on what you are aiming for. You can make an image have a soft painterly effect or very strong, saturated bold colours. I have also used multiple exposures on print film to get similar effects. A couple of samples of this type of photography is included below. It is a technique that Michael Orton is very open to explaining to others because that's the way Michael is. A really nice guy who likes to share his knowledge and ideas and inspire creativity in others!!! If you wish to learn more about this technique or see more samples, I would suggest that you look for his book titled "Once Upon An Island", Images of Vancouver Island published by Orca Books, Victoria, BC, Canada. E-mail me if you require an ISBN# or an address. Your feedback on this type of photography is very welcome.

More Orton Imagery:
Tony Stone Images: If you would like to see some of Michael Orton's work, check out his images at Tony Stone. You will need to register and then search by photographer's name. Beautiful Work!